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advice on replacing a headlight assembly


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My 2008 ('58 plate, MK2) Focus failed its MOT yesterday based on the bracket that holds the headlight bulb in place being broken, so that bulb isn't centred and rests on top of the lamp itself (picture below). KwikFit have said that the entire Headlight would need to be replaced costed approx. £160. 

Now, I can get the part itself from EuroCar Parts for £60 but Kwikfit won't fit it, so my question is; Would any one recommend replacing the headlight assembly themselves? It seems quite straight forward to remove the headlight from the fitting, it is just one screw and a couple of clips. The part I'm unsure on is removing it from the electrics. From what I can tell, you would just need to disconnect the wire, however, do you need to disconnect the battery first? What are the problems with this, and could I just do more damage? 

Any help would be very much appreciated 



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firstly, I can see it is a legitimate fail as the beam will be wrong.

secondly, if you replace the headlamp yourself it is likely the beam will need some adjustment on the new headlamp, MOT testers often charge an outrageous (compared to the minimal time it takes)  fee for doing this. Some friendly ones do it free.

I do not know what the bulb bracket is like on these. seems a bit extreme replacing the whole headlamp. it it was me I am pretty sure I could improvise with araldite or self tapping screws or something.

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