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Mk2.5 1.8 Duratec issues


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I have a 61 plate Focus with the 1.8 Duratec, bought it about 2 months ago. Had an issue idling initially and threw up a P2135 fault code, throttle pedal was replaced under warranty and fixed that issue. However, I notice every now and then when it starts up it sound quite rough, you rev it a little and as the revs drop there seems to be a noise coming from the dash area/rear of the engine, any idea what thats likely to be?


Additionally over several longer trips-150 to 200 odd miles it has an issue where it starts to feel like the car is braking gently now and then almost like its hitting a wall of wind and after say 10-20 minutes of feeling that the check engine light comes on. Restarting the car clears it and it only seems to happen over longer distances. Has anyone had similar issues like this in their cars? How were they fixed?



Much appreciated

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