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Radiator Cooling fan always on til dead battery


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Hi All,

My Fiesta 1.6 TDci 2010 cooling fan has decided to run continuously and thus flattens the battery. From my fusebox it says that the R7, a grey multi-reley  marked  8V5T-14B192-AA, 12v 30A.

Unplugged it, no difference. Mailed my local (retarded) Ford center who said it needed re-wiring etc. I then saw a post from Ford UK saying that the relay R7 is being replaced by a bigger relay named  F8OB14B1922AA that is a 12V, 40A instead of the 30A.


Does anyone have a tip? oil level good, water is OK. Temprature sensor? Is R7 the only relay to the fan as I know?

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