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mk1 focus 1.6 zetecse engine noise diagnosis pleas


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Richiezetecse's AvatarRichiezetecse , 12-10-2017 10:47 PM
I have a 2003 ford focus with 105xxx miles, it has the 1.6 zetec se engine.
i bought it recently off a guy who stated in the add the buckets needed doing as the car had a very audable tap diesel-ish, so i bought it as it drove ok even with the noise slightly underpowered no faults on diagnostics, seeing as im slightly better than your aveage weekend mechanic (at times) i figured i could fix it! When reved the noise gets a bit faster when driven hard the noise almost sounds like a squeal.

but anyway ive measures all the gaps so here they are
cyc1 ex .30mm .30mm
Cyc1 in .15mm .20mm
Cyc2 ex .35mm .35mm
Cyc2 in .25mm .23mm
Cyc3 ex .35mm .35mm
Cyc3 in .23mm .20mm
Cyc4 ex .35mm .38mm
Cyc4 in .23mm .18mm
Some are a little out of spec but i dont think they would produce the noise im hearing? Never did this before so i hope they are accurate. Seems like to be coming from the belt side cyc 1 area. I think the timing might be out, belt was done according to cam cover at 56,xxx miles about 6 years ago, plugs were fouled badly had bits stuck to the tip on removal so its using some oil but it was over filled by 1 or 1.5 liters. Plug holes had oil 3/4 up the plug and was pushin oil out the pcv through the air box. So anyway i ordered the timing tools took a stab at which one was correct and the timing was off somewhat, i also had a collapsed ccv hose which ive repaired. still a hiss in the fpr throttle body area also running the car with vacuum off the fpr makes no difference should it? when cold loads of white smoke but not caused by coolant its at the maximum, car at standstill will not hold rpm between 2000 and 3000 rpm if i just stab the throttle it reve up freely. from 3000 rpm on the rattle is not there at stand still. it is there up to about 4-5000 rpm under load sounds loke a squeal at high rpm and dissapears or inaudable after that.
tried un plugging the iacv but the car ran like a pig. iv also put injector cleaner into the fuel
looking for advise on what step is next and input thanks
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unlikely to be this but worth checking.  My wife's 2001 Focus 1.6 had a strange noise that I always thought was something to do with the valves on number 1 cylinder from where the noise seemed to come from. For a long time (months probably) I was thinking I need to get the cam cover off and had a look.

But before I got round to that the alternator belt came off on the M1. Turned out the noise had all along been a dodgy bearing in the alternator drive belt tensioner wheel - the srping loaded one towards back of engine bay. If you can easily do it, I would take the belt off and see if noise is the same. On that fateful day the bearing siezed and the plastic wheel melted from the heat caused by the belt being dragged round the stuck tensioner wheel

Warning - this belt also drives the water pump so not a good idea to run for long without that belt on.  Also take a photo of belt routing before you remove belt.

I know that does not account for all problems you describe.  Timing wise, these engines are complicated as the bottom pulley and the camshaft pulleys have no keys on so have to be done up tight whilst timing tools are holding everything in the correct position so easy for it to be a bit out if not done properly. I have not done a timing belt on one of these - plenty of potential for cockup.

Valve clearance wise, they do not normally need attention unless something bad has happened - eg. valves replaced due to valve clash with pistons.

There also a common problem with a split rubber air house underneath the inlet manifold - it can be seen looking through the gaps in the inlet manifold branches but hard to remove and replace with manifold in place - but I have achieved it with manifold left in place

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thanks for the reply, i ran it with the aux belt off it made no difference it is an internal problem i think :-/ but i cant change a piston and conrod as there is no torque spec for this engine as far as im aware. i have change the vacuum pipe but there seems to still be a slight hiss in the area near throttle body. when cold the noise can fade out of it completly until driven, my spark advance goes mad between 2000 and 3000 rpm is this common 

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My old 2004 ford focus was always a little noisy from the top end it made a tappet noise on overrun.  This is a characteristic of these engines with the solid cam buckets.  Those measurements are little bit out spec but this is to be expected after 100,000 miles.  The noise you describe does sound like bottom end noise.  These engines can be heavy on oil and if its run low I expect the bottom end has suffered.  Does it make the noise on overun i.e. when you come off the throttle??

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