MK3.5 1.5 TDCI Ford Focus Service Question

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Hi All

I'm due to do my first major service on my 1.5 TDCI Focus. Can anyone tell me if changing the pollen filter on the MK 3.5 focus is the same procedure/location as the MK 2.5 Focus?

Also when I change the fuel filter is it just the same procedure as the 1.8 TDCI or is there anything different with this engine that I need keep in mind when I change the filter?




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1st the pollen filter is in the same place L.H.side foot well  no tools needed to replace filter 

2nd fuel filter is a new design made up of filter housing (Metal filter body) and top plastic head. they are held together with 3 torx  screws . The fuel system will need bleeding after the filter is fitted 

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the mk3.5 1.5tdci has a pump in the tank. so bleeding is no longer required as such. just switch ign on for 40 seconds so the fuel bleeds through.

and its a paper filter element.


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