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Focus MK2 Facelift Sony Sync fail


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Hello to all 

I own a Ford Focus MK2.5 2009
which has factory installed cd6000 stereo without usb only AUX

I recently made an order from the eBay one used sony mp3 stereo

2 days ago i installed the stereo in the car all work fine except the bluetooth connectivity  i try to connect my phone via Bluetooth  i find it as a device on the mobile phone and when i try to connect my mobile phone asking my for pair code but the stereo display does not showing any code

I tried the code 0000 & 1234 first but nothing happens my mobile phone keeps asking me the pair code of the stereo

Thank you in advance

The New One 


The Old One


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Yes i have the following bluetooth module 8M5T-19G488-AH 

also before i change the CD6000 with the Sony i debond all the devices from cd6000 to clear the memory

Yesterday i reinstall my old CD6000 stereo just to see if the bluetooth connection and voice commands working, and all working fine with the CD6000

so i install again the Sony one after a reset of the bluetooth module (remove the connection plug from Bluetooth module and remove the battery cables) and i have the same results

i cant connect to the Bluetooth module because when i try to connect the stereo is not prompting the bond code .

i am thinking that maybe the module that i have is not compatible with the Sony Stereo or maybe i have to configure the module somehow to support the Sony Stereo .




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