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Need a little help with engine temperature


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Hi everyone this is my first post this form has been help to me for years but I can't find what I need today, I just bought a second hand MK2 06 focus 1.6L petrol the temperature gauge on my dash will just go above the 60 when cruising around town and will be on the 60 mark when on the motorway when in heavy traffic it will go half way but as soon as it's clear again it will slowly drop back down.

This morning I tried the secret menu on the trip computer and the engine temperature was around 97-100c never dropped below 95c I never got a chance to test at high speed are there to separate sensors and one is faulty,?

Note: the heating in the car seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance :)

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nothing to worry about, i`m sure on older cars it used to drop down on the gauge as the air flow was cooling the radiator quicker the faster you drive lol.  :smile:

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It does sound like a problem to me, either with the gauge or the sender if not fed from the same sensor that the ECU is reading. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the electrics on your model to diagnose further.

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