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Ford mondeo estate 2007 (56 plate) 2.0 diesel

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Hi, can anyone help please!!

I got given a ford mondeo estate 2.0 diesel earlier this year and everything has been running smoothly untill the last couple of months.

I has a split hose a couple of months back and was blowing excessive black smoke, bought a new hose and problem solved.

More recently, the coil spring light starts to flash and car looses all power, however, if i turn if off and back on again the light goes out and starts up fine.

I have noticed a kind of preasure against the accelaration pedel when driving, This can happen at any point when driving but the cutting out tends to happen at a consistent speed, generally 50mph.

I have done the dash board test and coming back with er0302...cylinder 2 misfire...however when i plug the car in to read any codes there is none.

Over the last few days i have noticed a whiteish smoke, but today i have noticed black smoke, not loads but enough to notice.

Has any one got any ideas??Before i end up speanding a huge amount of money and getting no where, i have consistently bad luck with cars and would appreciate any help!!


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