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1500 ecoboost


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Thinking of buying a 2015 1500 Ecoboost petrol. I don't really do enough miles to consider the diesel.I have read a lot of negative reports on the 3 cyl Ecoboost, so don,t want to go down that route. Are there any known weakness,s/faults with the 1500 Eco.I have got a Mk1 Zetec 1.6 and a Mk2  Zetec 1.6 at the moment.

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The 3 cyl 1.0 ecoboost is a great engine.

There were a few issues with split coolant pipes, but if you are looking around 2015 it won't be an issue and will come with the auxiliary coolant pump too.

The 1.5 is a very characterless engine (particularly compared to the 1.0), it doesn't feel faster, if anything it can feel slower as it's so undramatic.

Also early 1.5s can have rattley turbo waste gates.

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I've got the 1.5 having had the 1 litre the car before I can say it has a lot more poke and a lovely noise out the back when pushed. Can only speak from my experience

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