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Engine issue please help!!


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Hi all, 

I rebuilt my 1.8 Lynx engine and now it won't start! The injectors were changed and reprogrammed to the ecu but It still won't start. I removed the injectors and kept them attached to the fuel supply and cranked the engine, all the injectors sent fuel into pots I set up so I know there is fuel getting to the cylinders! Reattached the injectors and still no start, however with spraying a littte of easy start it tries to start but won't run! I'm not sure if the is enough fuel getting through or how to test if they are working to there full potential. I have checked the timing and can't see any issue there so as far as I can work out it should run. I'm not sure of its delayed but my accelerator pedal is not being recognized by the ecu so could that be causing the issue? 

Many thanks for any help given. Mike

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Has you got diagnostic capabilities?  I ask because I had a recent issue with my Lynx engine (MK2 Focus) where air got into the system because the fuel filter lid came loose.

Because of the air in the system the ECU wouldn't allow the engine to start, even though it would crank.  If you've got diagnostic capability (does Forscan work with Mk1's?) there should be a setting/field that is a yes/no value as to whether the ECU will allow the engine to start, your issue may not be mechanical i.e. something is physically broken.

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Hi, if your on about this program them yes I have limited diagnostic abilities.

Don't know enough about using it though.

The codes I've retrieved are...

P1576 accelerator pedal position unavailable

P0121 TPS circuit performance problem

P0221 TPS B circuit range/performance

P0226 unknown EDIS coil failure

P1211 Open TP sensor circuit

P0251 injector pump fuel metering control malfunction

P2623 ICP regulator open

These were retrieved over the day and messing about with various items, removing and reattaching parts and wiring so I'm not 100% sure all these are correct. Towards the end of the day the code list got longer than first thing. The only issue I had to stay with was the TPS issue. 

Just to check when you reprogram the injectors you program them as the firing order 1342! So number 1 is 1, 2 is 3, 3 is 4 and 4 is 2.

Many thanks Mike


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1st thing I'd do is clear all the codes as some of them may not be valid anymore and certain historic codes can cause the ECU to prevent an engine start until cleared.  Also I expect some of the codes are probably from when you were fiddling so it'll be interesting to see how many of them actually come back on as valid/current codes.

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