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My car won’t start


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Hi everyone, 

this is my first post and it’s because I’m in desperate need of your help,

i appologise if it’s in the wrong section, i have a focus 2011 sport 1.6ltr it’s got 100k on the clock, the problem is that on Thursday it started fine but as I pulled off the engine just stopped and would not start again, the engine cranks but I’m not getting the fuel pump priming so i replaced the pump but still no go it’s still not priming with the new one, the relay under the dash is working but i tried it with the horn Relay but still no go, i tried the pump fuse but that’s ok I’m getting 11.7  volts run through it for about 1 second then none, I’ve put a 12v lead directly to the pump and it works the pump and the engine starts but obviously I don’t want to drive with it with a perm live.

please can someone give me some ideas as I’m pulling out the last bit of hair i have left trying to sort this, Thanks in advance. Simon

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