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Dtc D900 & failure to start


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Hi all after some wisdom...


My 08 focus 1.8tdci failed to start this morning. battery voltage is 11.8v so enough to get it going. However it's like the starter won't fire and it just goes womp womp womp dead. 


Checked the cluster got DTC D900 and from what I read it's a comms issue. So I need to get an obd on it. 


However, a garage fudge up earlier in the year led to them putting a used engine in the car. Never been right since but it was liveable. Could they have bodged some wiring when putting ye new engine in? 


It was the correct KKDA engine that was put in. 


Any thoughts before I end up with a £500 1.2 corsa?

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8 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Regardless of it's age it's still dead lol...

Is it a Silver Calcium battery?

I know someone who fried a cheapo non silver calcium battery in less than 2 months, I did tell him beforehand to get the right battery but he decided to be tight and buy the cheapest possible battery.

Acid batteries and Ford "SmartCharge" is NOT a good combination :wallbash:

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