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Mark 1.5 petrol questions

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Hey all. I haven't owned a petrol engined car for some time and would just like to ask if my economy is right or wrong.

I put 10 quid in my old punto 1.9 diesel and I could get 100 miles out of it at a push, maybe 90 to be safe. I put 20 quid in my focus and have achieved 130 miles. Is this normal? It's a 2002 1.6 zetec. My running around has been the same with both cars. It isn't even fast, it's very smooth, but fast it isn't, my punto would destroy it. Unfortunately that has gone to the car breaker in the sky.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It's not very scientific as we don't know how much you paid per litre/gallon, and it can not be accurately ascertained that there was the exact same amount in there before you put 20 quid in and after 130 miles. But based on a very rough calc it looks believable. 

I know what you mean about not being fast. I have owned one, they feel very weak, particularly when you come to a long hill on a motorway/dual carriageway, it gets slower and slower.  A diesel just keeps going and even have extra to overtake someone without changing down. The torque figure for the diesel engine is what counts even thought the bhp may be less. 

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