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Focus mk1 bonnet switch

Silkstone Ford

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Can anybody help? 

I have a Focus Mk1 2003 Zetec. The problem is the red 'Door Open' indicator appears on the instrument cluster, the indicators do not flash either to indicate the alarm is activated when the car is locked. I have have checked all 4 doors and the tailgate switches, these are all functioning correctly and the interior lights go out when closed. I have read up on this and the issue would relate to a faulty bonnet switch as this gets damaged by dirt etc at the front. Unfortunately the switch has already been disconnected and the wires are nowhere to be seen. I have removed the head lights and bumper to examine the front wiring loom to find the missing wires to short out and eliminate the switch. I have checked on a similar vehicle at a scrap yard and the wires are a black (earth) and a Black/Yellow.

Next stop Haynes manual. The wiring diagram identifies everything on the alarm / central locking circuit but not the bonnet switch. The control module is located on the right hand side of the driver footwell. There is 4 black/yellow wires, i proved one to the passenger door and one to the tailgate release switch (as per Haynes wiring diagram). All switches work by grounding a small control voltage to ground. I shorted the unidentified other 2 in turn to ground whilst ensuring all doors closed and with ignition on. No luck, light still on!

Can anyone assist possibly with a more detailed wiring diagram?

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