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TDCI power loss on auto but not semiauto?


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07 Ford Focus C-max 1.6 TDCi Ghia 5d CVT Auto (Euro 4).

There are many forum posts and threads on the TDCI power loss on acceleration, but I can’t find one with my own version...

As per many others, if I accelerate hardish out of a roundabout or junction then power loss happens followed by stall / cut out. This is with my auto gearbox in Drive. So maybe EGR, maybe DPF, maybe fuel pump, maybe air/fuel lines, maybe ECU as per others posts.

Yes I get the code P2002 DPF efficiency below threshold. I have the P2584 fuel additive ELYOS level one, and I get U0073 control module comm bus A off, which I think is secondary. But people have addressed all these and made no difference. If I clear them and retry, the fault happens (every time now) but the codes dont come back straight after, or even as pending, until some normal driving later.

Here’s the thing... if I switch my gearbox into the semi auto side (M, and +/-), I can accelerate to my hearts content, keep in low gears rev to 4000 and hold it there - fine no issues. So it can’t be mechanical, fuel line, EGR? Maybe electronics associated with the auto?

Anyone tried this experiment or can explain it?

I put some wynns dpf cleaner in and have been driving at over 2000 to try to kick in regen, but no change yet. Car is rusty, not worth spending on maybes of EGR, fuel pump, even the DPF additive and ecu reset I’m tight on!



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