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Ford KA dent and paint been removed


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Somebody has bumped it banged into my car and I was just wondering what it’s gonna cost and if anybody can detail the damage from the pictures I have supplied !? If this is an easy fix or a difficult and pricey job 






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That's about the worst place you can be hit unfortunately.  Looks like a hard hit as well, the way it's bent right in around the sill.  Not easy or cheap to get that perfect again.

Where were you parked?  Any witnesses or CCTV?

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Thanks for the replies, unfortunately I was parked on the top floor of a multi story and no CCTV, the person who did this didn’t have the decency to leave a note with some details but then again I’m not surprised not many people would, it’s a 2 year old car if that, and it’s been mine for about 3 months. It’s just ridiculous and unfortunate the person didn’t have any decency and I’m going to have to fork out a insane amount of money because somebody was careless and didn’t think to have any compassion as to what the consequences of their actions are. 

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