Dashboard lights, was smoked (all blacked/burnt out) now won't work with new bulbs

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I have recently done an overhaul on all the interior bulbs, except the one on the roof, i changed 2 behind the heater controls and was going to change one in the dashboard because it seemed so dim, when inspecting the older bulb to remove the bulb lut tue base, it got dropped, so it doesnt light up anymore, plus i have now lost the old one, bulb and base, but i have 2 new ones, same shape and size, fit an all, but they also wont illuminate, i tried both, nothing, so i borrowed one of the houses mich larged bulbs just to test to see if contact was being made and if any power was running through the wires, nothing happened, so i have a feeling that its not the problem with the bulbs i purchased, but maybe more wiring or fuse based? I could REALLY do with some help, especially in winter since nights are much darker

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