Starting issues after injector change, focus tdci 1.8 2004

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Hello all,

I need a little help please, apologies if this has been brought up many times in the past, but I am now stuck..

Will add as much info as I can to give you a full picture.

Car is focus 1.8 tdci 2004 mk1

Bought it with a starting issue and also going into limp mode under load. Got it home and preformed a leak test on the injectors! Injectors 3 and 4 (firing positions) were very high on the leak off.

I pulled these, took them apart and cleaned them out, replaced and fired her up... She started better! But had a stutter around the 1500rpm mark... Did another leak off test and they were still high.

No chance of buying new ones £££ so Ordered a couple of second hand ones from ebay (apparently tested by the seller) and swapped them out + recoded them into the system.

The car would then fire up for a second and instantly cut out... Wouldn't even matter if you gave it some gas.

So swapped back injector 3 to the old one (as that was the best of the 2) and recoded that back in.... She now fires up but is really rough, and will cut out if no gas is applied.

Performed another leak off test and only the old injector 3 was giving a large leak off result. So I don't think that 'new' injectors are bad.

The glow plugs have been replaced before I took it on and she was given a new battery.

When I changed the injectors it threw up a code p2288, but this has now gone and no new codes are showing in the system.

I pulled the pressure valve on the HP pump, it was working fine, and I can't see any metal fragments in the system, so beleave the fuel pump is fine.

I loosened the pipes of the injectors, and fuel is squirting nicely from the top.. So there isn't air in the system.

I haven't changed the filter yet.

Any ideas please?

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Did you put the new injector timings into the ECU?

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Hi  all! 


Have sorted this issue, all I needed to do was drive her for a good couple of miles. 


Hopefully this may help someone else in the future. 


Also on  changing the injectors, it's a nightmare to get it started again! Presumably becuse of air within the system..... What I did was injected fuel directly into the lines from the filter! Using a 50mm syringe. 



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The correction values that are printed on the fuel injectors were apllicable when the fuel injectors were new. Used fuel injectors have developed some wear during the time that they were used. This is not a problem because during time the PCM has adapted itself to the slightly changed conditions.

On used fuel injectors the printed correction timing values are usually not correct for the current state of the fuel injectors. If the difference between the printed correction values and the real correction values of used fuel injectors is out of tolerance of the PCM the engine will not run correct (or not at all).


It this case the printed correction values on the used fuel injectors  did not seem to match the current state of the fuel injectors. However the difference was still within tolerance of the PCM so the PCM was able to adapt itself to the fuel injectors.


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