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Headlight washer jets


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I have a 2011 Focus titanium x and just lately the headlight washer jets come out to clean the headlights but they don't retract! I have greased them to see if this helps but it hasn't. Has anyone else had similar?


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not sure how they work, I retro fitted mine and disconnected it still took some amount of force to pull them open, I guess it might still have some sort of valve inside maybe a spring? either way they closed when disconnected. so either something is preventing it from retracting or a spring / valve isn't working correctly.  if both of them aren't working then it would suggest something common between them.

the odds of both valves or whatever makes them work failing must be really small so it might be worth looking in to the common areas, ie, the water used and the pump (it uses a high powered pump) if the pressure is built up inside the tube and locked it might be enough to prevent it dropping back down, if something was also preventing it from releasing it at the nozzle then perhaps its just got stuck. 

release the pressure to the jets by disconnecting the pipe, see what happens, that might give us some more information to narrow it down


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