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Focus DMF Flywheel


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I have a standard 1.6 180 BHP Ford Focus bought from New and serviced by a main dealer. Its done just under 20 k miles and I am suspecting the Dual mass fly wheel is starting to play up as I can feel a juddering thro the pedal when taking up the drive (very occasionaly you can feel the car jerk as well) especially after a long run. Given we experienced a similar problem with a Vauxhall corsa and the main dealer failed to rectify the problem I was wondering what the view of the experts on here was.

Should I have the clutch replaced with new DMF flywheel ( I have the 5 year warranty but expect Ford will tell me the clutch isnt covered)

Should I consider having the DMF flywheel repalced with a single mass flywheel ?

Your views appreciated

PS I have owned mainly fords for over 40 years and this is the first time I have had clutch issues so guessing it is not a driver issue

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It might be a phenomenon called "clutch whoop", certain engine combinations on the MK3 Focus are notorious for it.  In fact I know there have been threads on here about it so ight be worth you having a search for it.

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I doubt the DMF is going, a typical sign for that would be some loud clunking after applying a load at low RPM in a high gear, then release the accelerator. it can make a grinding sounds but clunking is the one that's easiest to notice.


Forget conversions, there is a reason they put a DMF on, removing it and replacing with a standard flywheel may just cause you an even bigger problem, lots of torque, lots of engine movement, lots more vibration, what could possibly go wrong :)



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