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Power folding mirror fault


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Hi all, my dad has a 2013 Focus Titanium

The drivers side power fold mirror has stopped folding in when the doors are locked.

It starts to fold and stops almost immediately.

The passenger one works as normal.

It hasn't been damaged in any way.

The car was bought 2nd hand from a main dealer and a Ford Protect Gold warranty was taken out. 

Will this be covered by the warranty?

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Best thing to do is read the warranty. Check to see if it falls within the description of what they will pay for and that it is not listed in the exclusions

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Normally you have a general description of what is covered. So it seems to fall within that (electrical and mechanical) and you normally have a list of exclusions so you need to make sure it is not excluded there. You probably also have a list of conditions (like servicing in accordance with manufacturers schedule).

I assume it's structured in the normal insurance policy way

a) Operative clauses - where is says what is covered. so an incident needs to fall within that part to be covered

b) Policy conditions - these need to be met for cover to operate

c) exclusions - make sure the incident is not excluded here.

This is the basic structure of all insurance policies in general

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This is a common fault with the MK3 and MK3.5. I had mine replaced under my Ford warranty. If you've got an extended one, if it covers electrical then in theory it should be covered.

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