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1.6 duratec problem


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Hey. can anyone help me with my problem with a 2010 fiesta 1.6 tdi duratec 75 bhp model.

The car smokes ( black smoke ) badly under aceleration ( like i can easly see the smoke trail in the mirror ) , things i have done are :

1) changed intercooler was leeking oil

2) rebuild turbo

3) all fitlers oil change dissel filter

4) changed turbo actuator

5) changed the Boost controller 

6) cleaned the egr

7) cleaned the throtle body

When i hook up the computer i get this 2 things 

P132B-22 Turbocharger/supercharger boost control A perfomance a7
P132B-85 Turbocharger/supercharger boost control A perfomance af

and car goes in limp mode

Other things i notice first gear goes to 4k rpm second to 3.5 third to 3k and by the time im in 5 gear the car dosen;t go over 2.5k

Throtle body is wide open at idle 

Car sometimes dies after not driving for 24 h , it starts perfect stays at 800 rpm no vibration or nothing then just dies instantly

Car stops smoking if i drive at constant speed for more then 30 sec 

If any 1 have some ideas what can throw those 2 codes i would greatly appreciate it :D

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42 minutes ago, eddie eastwood said:

Found this, both codes seem to relate to the same thing.




i serched that and it said it was the 5) changed the Boost controller

only thing im not 100% the one that was on the car was like this


and i got something like this


and im not 100% i put it back in same order cause the one that was on the car didn't have any marks for what was each hole


any idea how to figure out wich goes where ?

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30 minutes ago, axelll1221 said:

any idea how to figure out wich goes where ?

The pipes are from the left, vent (to the small air filter on the end of a pipe at the back of the engine bay, just under the wipers), vacuum out to the turbo actuator and vacuum in from the vacuum pump.

Sometime the Vent pipe may go to the inlet duct just after the airbox.

This is from (with photo):


If that does not cure the problem, try disconnecting the MAF. This will cause a MAF DTC, but sometimes, if the MAF is faulty or fouled, it will run better without it. The MAF measures the airflow, so can cause smoke is reading wrong.

PS: Your title is a bit misleading, the Duratec is the petrol engine, the 1.6TDCI is a Duratorque!


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