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Some help with Fault Codes on my Focus 1.6 TDCI


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Hello folks, looks like a good forum ye have here, I look forward to searching and reading the technical section and also the other areas. :) Perhaps, ye can help me with this little problem my car has and help save another Ford on the road. :)

The engine management light was on before I started to work on this car (2007 1.6 TDCI 90Hp) but I didn't read them before starting the work. The turbo was definitely blown, and leaked oil the compressor side into the air filter and intercooler, etc. I got the car in this state so don't know its full history, but the last owner did tell me the Ecu was replaced at some stage. Does it look like the Ecu was repalced with one from a car that had both a Dpf and fuel additive and also an Intercooler Bypass valve, both things that my car lacks.

I replaced / checked the turbo, oil pipes, removed sump, oil pick up strainer, (found turbo bearings in sump and pickup) cleaned vacumn pump, oil filter cooler and housing assembly etc when carrying out he turbo replacement. My car is a 90Hp model and like the original posters car it doesn't have that Intercooler bypass valve, yet it gives a fualt code relating to it.

My car also doesn't have a DPF or the fuel additive associated with a DPF, yet I have 2 fault codes relating to the additive.

I have 7 codes in total, I cleared them and the EML went out but reappeared after driving and all 7 codes are back. They are listed as follows:

P2584 - Fuel additive control module requested Mil Illumination

U0118 - Lost communication with fuel additive control module

P0487 - Exhaust gas recirculation throttle control circuit A / Open

P0488 - Exhaust gas recirculation throttle control circuit A range performance

P2141 - Exhaust gas recirculation throttle control circuit A Low

P0033 - Turbocharger / Supercharger Bypass Valve control circuit

P022B - Charge air cooler bypass control A circuit Low

Where do I start to fix these codes? 

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i don't know the answer but does the ecu have a part number on it? or does your code reader tell you the software version number programmed into the ecu which can then be tallied with dpf/non-dpf versions of the car.

I can see why you ask if the ecu came from a dpf car as I can't see any other reason why it would be coming up with fault codes for fuel additive control module

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I got talking to a chap that does Egr deletes and re-maps, and other Ecu work, etc.. and he reckons the car is indeed fitted with the 110hp Ecu which is the wrong one obviously hence it looking for parts that aren't there. So, he reckons if the car is running correctly which it seems to be then he can switch off the dpf additive and turbo bypass valve features and and also delete the Egr. 


So perhaps this is the best option for me to do?

Anyone got any input / thoughts on this? I suppose the other option is to fit the correct Ecu but that's awkward as will need re-coding and possible key issues, etc.. The Ecu I have works so I may as well stick with it. 

Or is there a cheaper 3rd option that I don't know about / haven't thought of?

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