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Parking Sensor Help!

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Please can someone help me..

i have a 2011 Fiesta Mk 7 which has Four parking sensors fitted on the rear bumper/diffuser.

im certain they’re factory fit but they do not all.

endless google searching pointed me to looking for a module that should be behind the trim in the side of the boot boot  (drivers side),

i removed all the trim but there was only what appears to be an aerial booster there... no module and I just don’t know where else to check. Each of the sensors seems to be connected properly to each other and I think I can just about follow the loom through the plastic grommet in the boot floor but it just seems to join up with the other main loom.

could the module be anywhere else? The second hand dealer I bought the car from (a bit dodgy and very very reliable) did tell me they weren’t working but also said that they just needed to be connected to the reverse light!!!???

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You can check the registration/VIN on Ford ETIS site ( to see if the parking sensors were factory fitted or not. You would need to look under the Minor features list for either 'With/Less Rear Parking Aid' entry.

Follow Stoney's guide to register on the site (no charges) so you can see the full details: 

I'm not able to assist with much else I'm afraid but I am sure there will be somebody else that will be able to.

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