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Projector headlights


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Hi can anyone please tell me why i get a pencil type beam from my projector headlights, there is no spred of light fro the sides it is just like a long beam and they are very dark even though i have 100w bulbs in them, it is just like shining a torch.

Thanks for any help.

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I have the projector headlights in my Fiesta and while main beam is OK  dipped beam is abysmal.  I don't know why the call them projector headlights because on dip they don't seem to project any light onto the road.

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100w halogen bulbs? in a projector? well first things first, they are illegal.

Next up, heat man HEAT, you running the risk of seriously damaging your lamps,

Third... 100w, that's twice the current draw that harness is designed to take, current = heat.

fourthly, what kinda bulbs you got in them, Halogens or real xenons

Finally, whats the colour temperature of bulbs, 3200k, 4300k, 5000k, 6000k etc etc (colour)


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right, so fake xenons.

the issue with those bulbs are because the light inside that bulb is actually yellow, the blue filter removes some of the light coming out of them in order to make them appear white ,or near white. unfortunately that is literally blocking the light coming out of the car so even if you did manage to get good pattern, the light will always be dimmer than a yellow halogen. 

The next problem with white light Is the wave lengths, more specifically the effect different wave lengths have on refraction. basically, its no conincidence that yellow lamps are made, and that the vast majorty of xenons are in the 4300k range. they reflect more light back you with out scattering it so bad. white lights on a black top are really really bad to the point you might not even see they are on.

as for you 100w  bulbs in you halogen lamps.  Id seriously consider not using them, firstly its illegal, and secondly, it really can do damage to your lamps / car.

That's the kinda thing that can set fire to a harness.

what headlamps do you have, didn't think the focus came with halogen projectors?

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