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Which Diesel Estate to Buy 1.5 or 2.0 - Manual or P/S


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Afternoon all,

It's been a while since I last posted on here...

I'm in the market for a MK3 Focus estate diesel. I currently have a 1.5 ST-Line as a rental and like it so much, I'm looking to buy one.

I have decided on the Titanium as I would prefer the electric rear windows, cruise, softer suspension setup etc. I'm impressed by the 1.5 diesel engine. My wife has a 1.6 Diesel C-Max which is a bit quirky at low speeds... (seems to hold the revs, causing it to jerk about a bit) which really annoys me. However, before I got the estate, I tried the 2.0 163BHP Diesel hatch, which I was really impressed with... Which then brings me onto the question or manual or auto box. I have never owned an auto, and quite like the idea of not having to keep my foot on the clutch when creeping around in motorway traffic. Has anyone got one of these and does it hamper the performance.

I'm not planning to tow anything, choosing the 2.0 would be purely for the occasional enjoyment of the acceleration more than anything else.


My budget is about 10k - I'm not a fan of loosing lots of cash by leasing or buying new on PCP. Would prefer to PCP or loan finance a used car and save some of the initial depreciation.


Any suggestions on the best model to go for from current owners of the above specs?


Many thanks in advance, Mark

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Titanium is just about the perfect spec but I find it a bit bland looking on the outside.

The ST-Line X has solved this but as they're still quite new would be way over your budget.

I am considering the 1.5 TDCi Powershift as my next purchase as I have heard good reviews about it.

The Powershift version has slightly more torque than the manual and is wet clutch, unlike the petrol versions (now discontinued) so don't suffer with the juddering problem.

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