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Weird FoCCCus Issue


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So I can download FoCCCus from thier website, extract the files and then immediately open the programme - bit only if I 'run as admin'.

But after I close the program and try to open it again, the program/app icon completely disappears from the folder.  I tried creating a desktop shortcut which worked while the program was already open, but didn't lead anywhere next time I tried.

So I've been downloading it each time I want to use it, not a massive issue I know but I'd rather it just worked like any other program.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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Ive had similar issues and if the same its to do with Windows Defender. open up defender and add the FOCCUS folder to the excluded list. (or temporally disable it) Certain programs have abilities that windows simply doesn't like, if it behaves in a certain way, windows can hide it from you for your own safety

Not saying that's definitely whats wrong but its certainly possible

Other alternatives are POS software interfering, such as Norton or McAFEE in almost every instance ive supported people with PC problems, those two feature in the most likely causes! they can basically do the same as what windows defender does and nuke it the moment you access the file



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Open Defender

Click - "Cog" diagram, bottom left-hand corner

Click - Virus & threat protection settings

Scroll - Exclusions

Click - Add or remove exclusions


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