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Automatic wipers


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I believe from what I've seen its a bit of a challenge.

First you need the rain sensing module, and then you also need the correct switch for 'auto' wipers and I think it also involves coding the car.

This is only what I've read, however I personally would just stay with manual wipers as it isn't worth the cost IMO for something which can be done with a flick of the finger. 

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I had them on my previous fiesta and found them quite tempremental, they never seemed to react quite right, there were a number of sensitvity switch positions but each separate time I used them I would have to keep fiddling with the switch positions to get it right.    My current fiesta has intermittent wipers with adjustment which I find much better. 

have you tried auto wipers on another car to see if you find them worth the effort

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I have them on my Fiesta. Personally don't feel their worth it. I find if it's light rain the window screen gets quite covered and it takes ages for the wipers to do anything. Or it rains reasonably and the window screens go into full speed mode like you were in a monsoon.

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