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Ford KA 2010 - Heating blowing cold


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Picked up 2010 Ford KA for daughter and heating blows cold until you crank up the fan speed and their is a "pop" sound under the dash that suggests a plastic valve opens and allows hot air to enter the cabin. Suggests that this valve is sticking and just needs a blast of air to release this. This is a pain as it does need a few efforts at times to get this flap open - no good for my daughter when she is without a clear windscreen!! Can anyone confirm what this is and how it can be simply resolved.

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I thought at first it could be the heater control valve, but I don't see how increasing the fan speed frees it off.

Other thing I can think of is the blend door is getting stuck, and is probably an actuator failure. Couldn't tell you where they are located on a KA though.

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