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Hi, My daughter is learning to drive and want a KA when she passes her test. I have been looking at 59 and 10 plate cars with 1.2 petrol engine. I have no experience of this model and would be very grateful of any hints and tips of things to look out for when looking for a suitable vehicle. I obviously know about general buying stuff, but interested in :

1. Timing belt or chain? Does it need replaced and when?

2. Are there rust issues like the Mk1 had around petrol filler?

3. Oil or water leaks

4. Any water leaks inside the car?

5. Electrical issues?

I'd be grateful if anyone can point out any areas I need to pay particular attention too.

Many thanks, Kenny

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no leaks or rusting atall as from 2010 onwards its basically a fiat 500

1  4 years or 120k based on a 1.2 fiat 500 engine but fords may differ

2 no rust

3 no leaks.. we had the ka2010 and it leaked on the gearbox seal had it replaced under warranty. 40 on the clock at the time of leak and it was a ford box if i

had to pay the cost would have been approx £240

4 no leaks in car

5 all electrics are fine


some of the kas from 2010 has a ford lump in and some the fiat lump.

drive a fiat 500 then the 2010 ka its basically the same but the ka is much cheaper


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