2013 Mk2 Kuga Nav Screen

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First post in here so hello everyone!.

I have a 2013 Mk2 Kuga TitaniumX Powershift and it's been an excellent car.

Unfortunately about a month back the Nav centre screen started flickering and now it is completely white for around 10 mins before it comes on and looks washed out when it does.

I have Sony Sync 1 with Satnav / reversing camera etc and have been looking for a replacement screen but they seem hard to find!.

I've put a picture up of my part numbers and was wondering how close the numbers have to be to make it a working replacement?, seen a few that look identical but have slightly differing numbers and don't want buy a screen that doesn't work.

Is this just a screen or doest it have other functions (is it the satnav computer as well?)

Any input appreciated!.

Cheers, Keith.

2018-02-13 14.48.15.jpg

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I've decided to cut my losses and go for one of these instead of trying to source a replacement screen and hope it has all the relevant bits coded in!.

Should brighten the interior up if nothing else.

Shame really as I had no problems at all with the Sync1 but 4 1/2 years for a screen unit life is not the best..

2018-02-14 18.52.07.png

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i'd be interested to find out how the replacement went and where you got the unit? does the reverse camera etc still operate as normal?



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