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Acceleration issues mk2.5 AT


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Hi Guys,

Got a new issue with my ford focus 2010 AT today. Was going on the highway when suddenly lost power, couldn't accelerate past 70, the 60 then 40kms (full throttle), eventually stopped and switched ignition off/on, it helped for some time but had to do that several times before I got home. 

With less than 200meters, had to get up on small hill, car couldn't go past 20km/h, eventually stopped and engine started choking, restarting ignition helped me to get home but its just so frustrating.

Would appreciate any tips or ideas. I have usb ODB-II dongle but I didn't see anything in the forscan DTC, just did a reset and will take for a test drive in the evening to see if anything pops up, was hoping anyone familiar with possible culprits. The last thing I want to take car and get stuck on the road, especially after such a painful trip home.



PS: have half tank of fuel, so unlikely I ran out of it.

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Went for a drive, car performed more less normal, no acceleration issue, but would still like to figure this out. Wondering if the DTC in screenshots could cause the issue described in previous post.



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