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Sync connection issues


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Hi all,


Last week my friend tried to pair his phone to my SYNC while I was driving and couldn't get it to work. Ever since then my phone has been playing up. It connects okay and plays (the time bar on spotify/podcasts etc. ticks along normally) and says it is connected to SYNC but there's nothing coming through the Speakers. I've disconnected and deleted SYNC from my phone and performed a master reset on the car audio twice now, but nothing seems to be solving it. Any siggestions?

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What Sync you running??


I had this today.

my Sync unit basically became a remote control to play audio on my phone, but thru my phone loudspeaker!

i fixed it by making a call over bluetooth to another phone, letting it connect and chatting for a few seconds.

been good as gold since.

cant say it will fix yours but worth a try?

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