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2012 focus 1.5petrol ecoboost


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Evening all, 

Purchased a 2012 1.6 petrol ecoboost. 

Soon after i had a few symptoms that were pointing towards a head gasket failure. 

Had the car into main dealer who tested and reported that the head gasket was fine. Whilst at Ford's they fixed a few recall problems to do with the cooling system. 

Ive since had the car back and theres a few things still bugging me that id like some information on before i drive this car through thr sales office window. 

Ok so the temperature gauge. 

Ill get into the car after it sitting all night and within literally 2mineuts the temperature gauge will go from cold to half way. Not gradually but instantly. 

Is this normal? 


Secondly there is alot of (what in my opinion is) excessive steam from the exhaust, even after a 30mile motorway drive im still getting exxesive steam on tickover and more of acceleration. 


Thirdly, when i put the car into test mode. The engine temp gauge was reading between 98 - 103°c on tickover. No driving. Just start the car from cold and thats the readings i got after about t mineuts. 

Is all of this normal? 


Im also getting various levels of coolant. 

Sometimes in low then its high then its halfway during the same conditions. 


Any help will be gratelly appreciated. 




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