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Parking sensors or Reverse light - But not both!


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Hi All

Bought my first Ford Focus (Zetec mk2.5, 10 plate) 3 weeks ago and unfortunately have only just noticed an annoying issue. Was hoping someone would be able to offer advice/ a fix.

The parking sensors were working perfectly. A friend pointed out to me that my reverse bulb had gone. When I went to replace it, there wasn't a bulb in there. 'Strange' I thought...

I went and bought a bulb and fitted it, got someone to check it was working properly, and it was. Great.

The next day I noticed the Parking sensors were not working, at all. I instantly made the link that it could be something to do with my new bulb.
I removed the bulb and low and behold the Parking Sensors worked.


So basically, I can either have a working reverse light, or working parking sensors, but not both! Very frustrating.

I'm assuming it's a wiring issue but I'm not great with cars or electricity so I was hoping someone could help me! I love my first Focus other than this annoying problem!


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Are these OEM or aftermarket parking sensors? The only rational explanation seems to be that the current taken by the bulb is causing a votage drop somewhere resulting in not enough voltage for the sensors to operate.

Alex got in just ahead of me :smile:

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