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Sync 3 apps android


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The choice is obviously very limited but does anyone know of any android app that displays footie live scores of maybe games on a watch list?

Would seem an ideal app on my 8" screen if it existed.




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The applink app choice is limited, I don't see anything like this: https://secure.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/SYNC-and-Bluetooth-Support/SYNC-App-Link-Catalogue/Android/Must Have

and I'm not aware of anything like this working with Android Auto either (other than Google itself).

(BTW: Your profile vehicle info seems in need of an update if you have Sync 3 with an 8" screen).

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As well as wanting a footie app to use applink (I'm sure livescore used to) I have another, though I guess more geeky one.

My son loves planes and sometimes we drive near airport for him to watch landings etc. He uses flightradar24 for this on his phone. That would be cool via applink on to bigger screen.


Ps. I have mailed both flightradar24 and livescores.

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