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Spark plugs - dielectric grease to the ribbed portion of the insulator

M Lam

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Hi All

I just replaced my spark plugs today. I got the new NGK iridium premium spark plugs in my car now. Everything work fine.

This afternoon, i read from some forum they suggest to apply dielectric grease to the ribbed portion of the spark plugs. I didn't do it this morning. Should I do it now? Is silicon or multi-purpose grease as good as dielectric grease


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A bit of dialectric grease wouldn't do any harm on the terminals to prevent any water ingress and therefore corrosion. I use it when I've soldered a wire before I move the heatshrink over. That absolutely guarantees the water will stay out.

Normal grease, copperslip and silicone isn't as good as dialectric grease, and won't stand up to the voltages and higher temperature at the plugs.

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