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Mondeo 2010 diesel keep regenerating


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Hi guys, Mondeo MK4 diesel 2L
So new dpf fuel vaporiser fitted because old one was filled with carbon and i was getting the DTC codes that couldn't regenerate because couldn't reach the proper temperature in bank 1,plus other 3 DPF related DTC codes regarding high soot level and forced reduced power.
Driving in this condition for 3 weeks .
Previously the temperature was not going more then 430c.
Now the new vaporiser is fitted...the temperature are reaching a max of around 560c (see photo) while driving at 60miles down the motorway in 3rd gear,the engine fan is ON too as u can see.
The problem is that it never stops the regeneration... everytime I start the car instantly the fan kicks in and the temperatures go up to around 550c.
What I noticed that as soon the regeneration start all the fuel data on dashboard disappear too? Plus fuel consumption is now sky high.
No DTC codes and car drives ok

Suggestions please
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Does it still show codes for high soot, could be the DPF is blocked
No no codes....,car drives ok, DPF pressure 0 at idle and no more the 5 at high revs.
Can I reboot the ECU?what tells the ECU to do a regeneration? The DPF pressure sensor? Forscan don't show any soot level data. Thanks

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