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Ford Ka 2013 (1.2) rattling noise at idle


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Very loud noise coming from a hose that is slipping out of its housing - only noticeable at idle.

The clip on the hose has worn down (somehow) and is now slipping under the notch and causing the rattle.

I have attached a picture showing the problem:


Anybody able to answer the questions that I've edited onto photo?


1. The part name of hose - incase I need to replace.

2. Could I put a plastic zip tie around the area marked in order to clasp the hose?




Ford KA clip.jpg

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Hi Ian - the hose is for getting cooler air from the front of the car to (run more efficiently I assume).  I hit a deer a few months ago smashing part of the clamp that mounts to the front edge.  I ran the car fine without the hose on for a while before 2-part epoxying the clamp back into place.  The end that you have the problem with would fix with the ty-wrap, or even pop a s/s self-tapper through both layers of plastic just to hold it in place and stop it rattling.  I don't know the name of the hose but it is the first intake hose on the induction side - nothing special about it, it just pulls the air in from further forward.

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Ahh, just joined to ask about this myself. Daughters 2012 KA has a nasty vibration sometimes and I

have tracked it down to the airbox and that pipe. The orginal rubbers on the airbox have been trashed

over the years and i think its mounted with some rubbers that are harder than the original mounting

system and causes vibration with that pipe, there appears to be little flex between the parts causing

the vibration. Cannot find the rubbers/mountings for sale on their own though, just the complete

airbox housing for almost £180.


Any tips?

Thank You.


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