Auto Relock Not Locking

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21 hours ago, xn85 said:

Mine was enabled by Evans Halshaw in Blackpool 

We've got it covered then, one North and one South!

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Hi All

Latest on this is that my dealers digging heels in a bit as seemingly do not want to fork out for sorting, still debating this with them.

On another note have managed to obtain the "Vehicle Card" this supposidly is a ford internal only document (so I am led to believe, so will not reveal my sources for document).

The stated build date in this document for my car is 21-3-2016

I am now in the process of going through this multipage document to digest the info contained in it to see if I can find out any more about AutoRelock.

If I do find anymore, then another trip to dealers will be sorted.

On the last visit to dealers, no problems could be found with alarm system, so have left on file.

Still keeping faults diary in car for any others that crop up or any repeats of sorted ones.

As I am now into final year of warranty, I am also seeing about digging for info as to updates that I can do myself, that would otherwise have affected warranty.

Will report any more changes that I come accross.

Happy motoring


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