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1.6 Focus Ecoboost whine...

darkening vii

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Hey all,

i got a 2012 1.6 ecoboost titanium that has developed a couple of issues and may be related 🤷‍♂️ And I’m hoping someone may be able to shed some light on it...

ok so about the car first I have had it 3 years when I got it, it had 12k on the clock and I was the second owner, car was purchased through a ford dealer and has always been serviced/mot’d at the same dealer.

i have always noticed a whoosh noise from the turbo when changing gear and I know this is the turbo. But recently it’s been “fluttering/chattering” rather than whooshing, then is developed a whine from the engine bay. Below is a clip of the whine.

Now I know the car has a recall which I have booked into ford 4 times,, every time to be rung the day before it goes in to cancel as they don’t have the parts!  I have taken the car to ford to be checked out they say that a hose was faulty and replaced but obviously that’s not fixed the issue, so do you people have any idea what’s going on with my car?.



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you are aware these go bang regularly with turbo failure?

I would sort before you need a new engine.... it might be pricey needing a turbo…. but a turbo and an engine plus fitting is 3 -5 k more

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just spotted your youtube link

it might make more sense to shoot it with the engine revs changing (try to get the turbo to do something, at idle its basically doing nothing)....  it sounds a bit like you have a leak on a vacuum side.  a good dealer ought to know exactly what that is...

either way these engine have turbo issues and they fail....  as others have written many times look for "ecoboom" features with thousands of unhappy owners


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