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Door trim clips


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Having to remove three of the four internal door trims on my 2005 Focus, in order to replace 2 blown Speakers and a broke door check strap. 

I eventually got the first one off, but it was a complete nightmare to do. Is there a knack to unclipping the 7 clips behind the trim, or is it a case of having to replace them all as they seems to break during removal? 

I have the removal kit to help, but ended up using screw drivers as I just felt the plastic tools would break whilst bending!

Surely I'm doing something wrong? 

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Maybe yours have gone brittle with age?  One or two usually break but not all of them.  The only 'knack' is making sure you've got the tool or your fingers as close to the clip as possible, so you're pulling it straight out instead of bending it at an angle.

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not a single clip broke on mine...

most stayed on the car and flexed there way off the actual door trim

another trashed the door trim. but nicely glued back together with araldite

both rears where only to replace the blown rear Speakers (one at 8 years the other at 10) - DTF!!! the design of the trim clips would hold the roof on in a force 12 hurricane (idiots)

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