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Ford fiesta limp mode under load


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Hi I have a 2009 1.4 tdci ford fiesta titanium. It's recently started going into limp mode when over taking/going up hills or any time I need boost. 

It started with eml coming on but with no affects. I had it scanned with a snapon reader and it showed maf and boost pressure sensor circuit high. They also told me there were numerous wires not connected to anything. He connected the maf sensor and a few other wires where they should go and it was fine.

It then started going into limp mode.

There was no engine management light on, only the limp mode light which went away after turning engine on and off. A code scan found nothing this time. 


I unplugged the 2 connectors circled in the photo. This put the engine management light on but seems to be preventing it going in to limp mode.

So my question's are:

What are the components I have disconnected? Are they important? Could they be faulty which is putting it into limp mode?

And where is the boost sensor located? And what does circuit high mean?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks


2018-11-21 10.29.16.jpg

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