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Strange noises when steering


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I've noticed some strange noises on the steering of my 2006 Fiesta. When driving I can sometimes hear a whine when I turn the steering wheel, it happens when turning left or right. With the car stationary there is a grinding noise when I turn the steering wheel, it is louder when I hit full lock. I have checked the power steering fluid, it is at the correct level but it looks a bit dark. Would changing the fluid cure the noises or do you think I am a looking at something more serious and expensive?

It is a bit difficult to make out but here is a video of the grinding noise. View My Video


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Not had this with the Fiestas but had grinding on a Focus. Broken front spring and damaged strut top bearing....

Whining may be the power steering pump if it is having to work harder against the broken spring (s) ??

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