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Mk6 wipers not working.


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My intermittent and single swipe not working. 

They go so far up the window then stop, I have to keep pressing the button to get them back to the bottom. 

They work when on the full, always in setting

Any ideas? 

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i am thinking maybe faulty parking mechanism in the wiper motor. If when you have the wipers in the on position (not intermittent) and you turn the switch off with the wiper at the top of the windscreen do the wipers continue back to the bottom or do they just stop where they were when you turned it off

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sounds like faulty parking mechanism in motor. Assuming they are the same as in the old days (I have not looked at a wiper motor for many years).  There is a live wire that goes to the wiper motor that is live all the time the ignition is on. This is the live supply to the parking mechanism (that allows the wipers to get back to the bottom if turned off when part way accross the screen). that wire goes to a contact inside the motor that runs on a kind of slip ring which has a gap in it where the wipers are at bottom of travel so it keeps the wipers going until the wipers get the bottom of travel (where the gap in the slip ring is).   so first thing I would check is that the particular wire is live when the ignition is on.  I can't tell you which wire it is. If the wire is live and the connectors to the motor are in good order then I assume a fault in the motor (slip ring and contact).     But don't spend money based on what I have said. I might be a bit out of date and it might have all become computerised for all I know.

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