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Help needed loss power / steering abs


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Hi ive got a problem , ive got codes fuel addative control module ,b1318-20 , antilock absb1318-a0 , electronic power steering u261b-60 , instrument cluster b1318-20 , b2103-20 , was driving along first came up with power assistant failure , than abs light come on , then brake light was flashing on and off , cluster lights went out and back on afew times , then the car died and had to be jumped started then when i took jump leads off car died , re jump started car and kept leads on for afew mins kept revs on while room leads off and managed to get car parked up out of way , i put forscan on put alt percent on and there were 2 volts i could monitor , i was gettjng 95 percent on alternator , and both volts were showing around 10-11 volts when i put lights on it dropped to around 8 volts abs light would come on and cluster lights all go out thenpower died . Anyone with any ideads , the bad luck is im on holiday in germany as well , could this be alternator or a wiring problem ? Many thanks for any help

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battery should be about 12.5v left overnight (shinier happy ones could be 13v)

start the car and let it idle for around 3 mins, alternator should put out 14.2 to 14.4 volts

if you don't get the 14v when running alternator or some other wiring likely at fault.... if the battery is old and been draining till flat, might have finished that off too

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