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Hi guys,

I am new owner of Fiesta MK7 1.4TDCI and also new to this forum. I have bought my Fiesta on auction so I dont get much of history. I have some issues with the car like:

- I can smell diesel fuel inside the car. 

- Car produce lots of smoke

- oil leak from right side of the engine, around turbo

- When I press clutch, I can hear some rattle and also pedal doesnt travel very smoothly

Do you have any suggestions? Any good independent garages around Coventry? 

Many thanks!


Forgot to say, Mileage- 116,000 miles, 2009

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there is a reason why cars are sold at auction. and that is often because they have known faults and the seller does not want any come back which they would get if sold on a dealer's forecourt.

I don't know all of the answers on your car but if I can smell diesel inside the car I would have a look at around where the fuel injectors go into the cylinder head. Sounds like it could be the copper sealing washers leaking. Diesel fuel gets pushed up past the seals and then the diesel cooks on the hot engine, smelling a lot whilst turning into a sticky black goo and eventually crusty ash type stuff (which some people clean off with oven cleaner when they replace the seals).  If not leaking badly it can sometimes be cured by doing the injector retaining bolts up a little tighter - not too much

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