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Fuse problem


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You remote wire is connected to the correct terminal on the amp? Also have you checked to make sure it is free of damage?

The remote wire is literally just a 12v wake up signal, doesn’t carry any current so strange that it would blow a fuse..

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yes it is connected correctly you see the thing is I bought that add-a-circuit thing I know the bottom has to go the original fuse right? and top additional one? but does it has to be less amperage or same like bottom
maybe im doing something wrong?

and what do you mean free of damage? (sorry maybe my english is not that good)


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What size of fuse are you fitting for the amp? And also which of the 2 fuses blows?
By free of damage I mean it hasn't been trapped anywhere. Disconnect the amp and see if it blows the fuse still.

The amp should be the smallest fuse rating you have as it’s only a signal not to carry any power. 

Depending on what way round you fit the piggy back fuse holder will depend if the loads are independent or if they both go through the primary fuse first. If the live side of the fuse is on the left as per the top diagram below that is the ideal way to orientate it.

I’ve drawn you a quick diagram to try and explain this.


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The red circle thats the one always blows up
and no I dont think its trapped somewhere
and is this how it should be inserted?
5amp top and bottom as u can see is 7.5 everytime i turn ignition on that 5amp blows up and like u said I disconnected the amp no problem


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That is correct, the output tail on the piggy back is the top slot.
I'm no audio expert but I'm of the opinion a remote wire should only draw something in the milliamp range so very small. If it doesn't blow with the amp disconnected, it would appear to me you have a faulty amp.


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so yeah i figure it out now amplifier works i removed the top fuse blade 3amp and put 7.5amp only one and bottom is empty slot but now rain sensor wipers not working and i dont know how to make working both

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