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Can you put gearbox from 1.4TDCI in a 1.6TDCI


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Hi, hoping someone can answer me this question as stated can you put a gearbox from 1.4TDCI in a 1.6TDCI?

Mine went kabang recently and there's a local guy selling a gearbox from a 1.4 TDCI I believe the case is same but maybe ratios different? will it fit and if so and ratios are different will this cause any problems?

Thanks, James.

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i do not know if it fits.I would be surprised if it was different but I can't be definite.  if the ratios are different I would imagine the 1.4tdci might be slightly lower geared than the 1.6tdci.  My 2007 1.6tdci did 80mph at 3000 rpm in fifth gear. So it might for example mean that it would do 75mph at 3000rpm in top gear.  so that would mean you might get slightly better accelaration through the gears but slightly worse mpg in fifth gear.  I have the haynes manual and going by that the ratios are not different but you can't really take that as definite as ford may have varied it in different years.

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