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2008 1.4 Petrol starting issues


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Hello everyone, a friend in work has recently bought a Fiesta, he had the battery changed 2 months ago and ever since he's had an intermittent fault.  The fault is car sometimes won't start on the first or second attempt, on the third attempt he gives it a bit of throttle and it'll start but he'll have to keep the revs up or he'll stall.  Once the engine has warmed up a bit it runs fine, I checked the battery & alternator both came back fine, I connected it to forscan but it wouldn't connect, I tried my cheap bluetooth adapter & torque which connected but didn't show any codes.


Any ideas? Ideally I'd like to find out why forscan doesn't want to play nice.

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This one


Works fine on my car (2009 Fiesta) but doesn't work on my friends, I thought at first maybe there was a problem with his obd port but then I tried a cheap bluetooth adapter and the torque app on my phone and it worked fine.

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